Self Portrait (1 of 1)My name is Nicole Lerner; I am a freelance photographer based in Calgary, Alberta and every time I press the shutter button on my camera – I fall a little more in love with what I do.

To date – I have spent most of my adult (career) life building a construction company with my husband – a journey that has been both challenging and rewarding.    I have always enjoyed photography as a hobby – but never expected or set out to pursue it in a serious way until one day I was struck by lightning while taking photos at a family event. Realizing that this was a passion I could not ignore, I registered for the Certificate of Photography program at Mount Royal University, bought some gear – and the rest is history.

The name ‘stillsong’ came about while combining my love of music with the concepts of photography.  To me – a strong photo is like a great piece of music. It pulls at your heart and draws you in, allowing you to experience beauty, emotion, mood and culture, all in harmony together.   It takes your breath away by arresting a moment and making it motionless – forever frozen in stillness and silent song.

People are the main focus of my work and my style is centred around capturing the moments or stages of life as they happen.  Whether working with a couple for an engagement shoot or wedding, doing a family portrait session in a park, or working with musicians for an album cover, my goal with every shoot is to create dramatic and compelling images that tell the stories of the people and places I photograph.  I spend more time interacting with my clients than I do ‘posing’ them, believing that the way to natural looking, character driven shots can only be found when people are comfortable and ‘being themselves’.

I also have a special interest in social issues and humanitarian photography and am actively working towards projects in these areas.         For bookings – please contact 403.891.3678




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